Will TimesSelect Be Killed Off?

Rumors of TimesSelect's demise have been spread almost since the pay wall first went up in 2005. Maybe that was just wishful thinking on the part of those not wishing to drop almost $50 to read Tom Friedman and Maureen Dowd. 

But today, the New York Post is reporting that soon readers will longer be charged for such ‘premium’ content.

The Post reported:

“After much internal debate, Times executives—including publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.—made the decision to end the subscription-only TimesSelect service but have yet to make an official announcement, according to a source briefed on the matter.”

The only hurdle left, according to The Post’s source, is software kinks to be worked out.

On July 19, Slate’s Mickey Kaus wrote that he “hears rumblings that the paper is about to abandon the whole misconceived project.”

Two days later, The Post followed up on that—with the classic photo-shopped black eye on publisher Arthur Sulzberger. (What, no Pinch-o-meter?)

And with spokesperson Catherine Mathis providing statements such as this one in today’s Post—“We continue to evaluate the best approach for NYTimes.com"—speculation about Mr. Sulzberger tearing down that wall won't go away any time soon. 

Will TimesSelect Be Killed Off?