Williams Family Bristles at Carillo Assessment

TV analyst and ex-pro player Mary Carillo told reporters last week she thought five years ago that the Williams sisters would dominate and forever change women’s tennis.

“I was dead wrong at that,” she said.

It’s not a new sentiment for Carillo, who told me last year in an interview that the Williams sisters “created a Tiger-like buzz” when they started winning, but never made a Tiger Woods-like imprint on the game because “they play so seldom.”

On Saturday, at a press briefing, Serena Williams responded to those comments in a typically aggressive way.

“Well, I think I’ve had a little more effect on tennis history than she has,” she said. “I’m pretty excited about that.”

Her endlessly quotable dad, Richard Williams, had this to say:

“I think that Mary has a good idea of tennis, but I’m just glad that the Williams sisters don’t play the way she did so they have a chance of winning.” Williams Family Bristles at Carillo Assessment