14th district update

In the 14th district, the Republican candidates have accepted an invitation to participate in a debate at Steinert High School in Hamilton.

The debate, hosted by the school’s Government and Law Related Experiences Class, will take place on Thursday, October 11th at 6pm in the high school’s auditorium – if, that is, the Democratic candidates agree to participate.

Meanwhile, the district’s Democratic State Senate candidate, Seema Singh, wants her opponent, Assemblyman Bill Baroni, to join her in a call asking Legal Center for Defense of Life to drop its lawsuit that seeks to knock the referendum that authorizes the state to borrow $450 for stem-cell research off of November’s ballot.

“I’m 100 percent for this initiative- my opponent opposes it,” said Singh. “I can’t understand why Bill Baroni doesn’t trust voters to make this choice for themselves.”

But Baroni does think the lawsuit should be dropped, albeit for different reasons. Having served as Doug Forrester's lawyer in 2002, when he challenged the Democrats' last minute ballot switch from Robert Toricelli to Frank Lautenberg, Baroni said it would be inconsistent not to call on the group to drop the lawsuit.

"While I have not read the lawsuit and I always hesitate to comment on lawsuits like that, as a matter of principal you don’t change ballots that soon before the election.. It leads to voter confusion," said Baroni. "It’s not really commenting on Seema’s call, but I’ve been consistent.”


14th district update