A liberal agenda at Seton Hall?

The College Republicans at Seton Hall University are angry because the university denied their request to have former U.S. Rep. Tom Delay, R-TX, speak at the school.

"The actions Seton Hall took against conservatism this week (are) unconscionable," Chairman Christopher Stark said in a statement. "Just four years ago we welcomed with open arms the former Iranian President – a man who began the nuclear weapons program and had documented human rights violations – yet Tom Delay is clearly more controversial and less intellectually in tune with academia for him to appear on campus."

Jill Matthews, spokeswoman for Seton Hall, issued the following statement on the school’s behalf as explanation for its rejection of Delay:

"The University felt the legal and ethical questions surrounding him did not make him an ideal choice to speak on campus at this time."

Delay resigned from Congress after he was indicted on charges of conspiracy to violate election laws, charges he denies and which he maintains were politically motivated.


Stark said, "First of all, what happened to the very Catholic and the judicially sound principle of presumption of innocence? It is obvious that this university only applies its Catholic Mission when it suits a liberal agenda."

A liberal agenda at Seton Hall?