A note to our readers

PoliticsNJ.com is pleased to bring back an old favorite: Oink! Oink

From the New York Times, February 27, 2005:

"An influential Web site, politicsnj.com, has taken to introducing articles about him with the words ''oink, oink.'' Meanwhile, Mr. Bryant has been singled out in news media accounts statewide as one of the chief stumbling blocks in the failed attempt earlier this month to pass a state law placing limits on the awarding of public contracts to political donors.

Perhaps most remarkable about this storm of criticism, though, is how little Mr. Bryant seems to care. His reaction to the mention of one graphic representation of him on the Web brought a broad smile.

''The pig?'' Mr. Bryant said in an interview in his office here. ''Yeah I've seen it. What am I supposed to do about that?''

  A note to our readers