A Whole Lotta Nazis

To the Editor:

So Otto Kallir of Austria did business with Adolf Hitler.

Before Great Britain fought the war against Hitler, its government was known for selling Austria and Czechoslovakia down the river to Nazi invasion. That represented doing business with the Nazis.

Franklin Roosevelt prevented a ship with Jewish refugees from Europe from docking and disembarking its passengers in the U.S. during the Holocaust, in order to avoid offending the Nazi government. That represented doing business with the Nazis.

Closer to our era, Ronald Reagan provided Saddam Hussein with intelligence for use against his enemy at war, Iran. There are some in this country who see Reagan as a hero.

Similar to these other cases, Kallir sold Hitler a painting that interested him before he was declared a war criminal. It appears that the issue of doing business with dictators is somewhat strained.

Arthur Pierson
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

A Whole Lotta Nazis