Adler criticizes Saxton on Iraq

In another sign that he’s spoiling for a fight against Republican Rep. Jim Saxton, Democratic state Senator John Adler continues to assail the Republican on the Iraq War.

Adler took issue with a Saxton comment from an Associated Press article today in which the Congressman said "Let's be honest the military surge, which reached full strength in mid-June, is working."

Adler accused Saxton of backtracking on a statement by his spokesman in a July Trenton Times article that he wanted to see tangible progress in Iraq.

“Congressman Saxton has been a staunch supporter of George Bush's war in Iraq for nearly five years,” said Adler. “American soldiers shouldn't be refereeing an Iraqi civil war in a country that has been unwilling to stand up and fight for their own freedom.

Saxton spokesman Jeff Sagnip pointed to positive responses by congressional delegations and news media reports about increased Sunni Muslim cooperation with the coalition as tangible evidence.

“I don’t recall Senator Adler ever involving himself in Washington hearings and things like that, so it sounds like it could be something that’s more political than policy, which is unfortunate,” said Sagnip.

Adler, who unsuccessfully challenged Saxton for Congress in 1990, is reported to be mulling another run. Adler criticizes Saxton on Iraq