Adler will challenge Saxton

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman John Adler says he will challenge twelve-term Rep. Jim Saxton next year, setting up another competitive House race in a state where incumbents were expected to have a free ride until the 2010 census.

"Last November, the American people sent a clear message to Washington that we want a change in direction in Iraq and here at home," Adler said in a statement released today. "Unfortunately our Congressman, Jim Saxton refuses to listen. It's time for a change, it's time for New Jersey families to have a Member of Congress who fights for their values in Washington." reported last July that Adler,48, had met with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to discuss a possible run against the 64-year-old incumbent.

Adler has nearly $200,000 in a federal campaign account he set up several years ago, and will likely benefit from the strong support of the Camden County Democratic Organization, which has tremendous fundraising abilities. Saxton, who won re-election by a 58%-41% margin in 2006, has over $1.3 million in his warchest.

Adler ran against Saxton in 1990, losing 58%-39%. He defeated an incumbent GOP State Senator the following year, and has easily won re-election four times. He is seeking re-election this November and faces just token opposition.

Congressman Saxton has grown out of step with New Jersey family values and beholden to President Bush's failed agenda. While I will remain a committed State Senator to the families in South Jersey and will continue to fight for property tax and ethics reform in New Jersey, I have decided to file the necessary paperwork to open a campaign for Congress."

Adler will challenge Saxton