Also in the Observer on Sept. 12, 2007: Cuomo, Hagel, Hitler

Mario Cuomo says he wants more details from the presidential candidates. In an interview with Jason Horowitz, the former governor said, “It’s not just Hillary. You can’t get Obama to be specific about a lot of issues.”

Later, in reference to Rudy Giuliani’s support nationwide, Cuomo said, “People don’t want to give up their icons.”

And Horowitz talks to some former intelligence agents about John Edwards’ intelligence-sharing plan.

I look at how a handful of Republican state Senators are being targeted by medical marijuana advocates with ads featuring a member of the state’s Conservative Party. One of the senators being targeted, Marty Golden, who opposes marijuana reform, told me, “I lost my mother-in-law and father to cancer. I know it. I feel it. But this, the way it’s set up, doesn’t work.”

Chuck Hagel said he doesn’t “intend’ to run for any office in 2008, which, as Steve Kornacki notes, is the same qualifying language Larry Craig used in discussing his resignation.

Joe Conason thinks General Petraeus is asking the country “to disregard the original measures, look elsewhere for wisps of hope, and give the Bush plan still another six months.”

Matthew Schuerman reports that “Greenwich Street will run along those four blocks, between Liberty Street and Vesey Street, once again” and that, overall, “it is a mark of just how popular the future street has become”.

And Horowitz and Gillian Reagan retrace the sale of expensive work of art that found its way into the hands of Adolf Hilter.

Also in the Observer on Sept. 12, 2007: Cuomo, Hagel, Hitler