Another Shot at the Soares-Spitzer Connection

Here’s the latest from Michael Caputo: a flier which delves into an old court case that is intended to expose a connection between Eliot Spitzer and David Soares, the Albany District Attorney who just cleared the governor of criminal wrongdoing.

It’s a reflection of the broader Republican strategy of undermining Soares' findings by highlighting what they say is a conflict of interest.

On a whim, I called Oliver Koppell, the former attorney general who is a Democrat but no fan of Spitzer, and asked him what he knew of this suggested connection.

Koppell told me, "I recall that I think the Working Families Party gave money to him for use in the Democratic Primary, or in his election and there was questions as to whether that was appropriate or not. He was heavily supported by George Soros and this was a way of getting money to him not directly from Soros."

Koppell later said if the lawsuit against Soares was a private lawsuit, the attorney general would then have a lot of discretion as to whether or not to get involved.

If anyone knows more, please let me know.

Another Shot at the Soares-Spitzer Connection