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There are some changes happenings in Christine Quinn’s press office.

Angel Audiffred, who handled Hispanic media and the Health Committee for Quinn, went back to his old boss, City Councilman Joel Rivera, as director of communications. Rivera is majority leader in the City Council, chairman of the Health Committee, and is eyeing a race for Bronx Borough President.

“We want him back,” said Rivera adviser Mike Nieves, “And he’s going to play a big role in not only ‘09, but we’re going to crank up the councilman’s views on health and he’ll play a big role on that.”

Nieves went on to say, “Don’t believe the rumors. Nobody canned him. He worked for us before but we wanted him to get more press experience, so we sent him over there.”

The departure of Audiffred comes about a week after the start of Quinn’s new director of communications, Jamie McShane.

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