Baroni says Singh is wrong; renews call for special session

Republican Bill Baroni has renewed his call for a Special Session of the New Jersey Legislature on ethics reform after his Democratic opponent said there was no need to bring the Legislature back.

Seema Singh told the South Brunswick Post last week that "the Governor already signed six bills, what else is a special session going to do?" But Baroni, a two-term Assemblyman, disagrees. “This moment offers us an opportunity to show the people of New Jersey that we can act, and act quickly when times demand it,” said Baroni. “There is still plenty of work yet to do to fight the Culture of Corruption in New Jersey. The Legislature can meet as soon as next week to enact these 9 reform bills, sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats, to enact meaningful ethics reform.”

Baroni listed nine ethics reform bills he said are stalled in the Legislature: A691 – Ban pay to play; A694 – Ban dual office holding; A692 – Prohibits awarding of municipal professional services contracts to members of the legislature; A3873 – Increase the statute of limitations for certain crimes involving political corruption; ACR79 – Suspend indicted or arrested officials; ACR74 – Supplement the Legislative Code of Ethics; A958 – Enact mandatory minimum sentences for political corruption; A3725 – Eliminate PERS membership for current and future part-time elected and appointed officers; A1489 – Prohibits political donations between county committees.

“There is no reason New Jerseyans should have to wait for the Legislature to address the Culture of Corruption we face by enacting meaningful reform measures,” said Baroni. “Does Seema Singh disagree?”

“The comments by Seema Singh, combined with the actions of the current Democrat-controlled Legislature, demonstrate that when it comes to ethics reforms, the Democrats still don’t get it,” said Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce.

"It is shocking that after the arrests of 11 public officials on corruption charges, including twoAssemblymen, Seema Singh thinks that there is nothing left to do about corruption in New Jersey," said Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance. "How can she expect to fulfill the legacy of New Jersey's leading ethics reformer, Peter Inverso, when she thinks we've done enough on ethics?" Baroni says Singh is wrong; renews call for special session