Bartoli Sizes Up Serena

Marion Bartoli wishes she could replay the Wimbledon Finals when she lost to Venus Williams. She said she would changed her strategy. Instead of hitting the ball in the corners, she would have hit the ball down the center of the court, preventing Venus an opportunity to get good angles on passing winners.

This morning, when she takes on two-time U.S. Open Champion Serena Williams, she’ll test out that same strategy. “I will try to hit more to her body.”

Also this: “Well, I definitely need my serve because Serena loves to kill the second serve,” she told me a few days ago. “She loves to be inside the court and hit the ball right away.”

It’s the return of serve that has escaped Serena.

“My return of serve is usually unbelievable,” Williams said a few nights ago. “I’m just waiting on that to come back.”

In the meantime Bartoli might not give her the chance to regroup.

“I will try to take [her return of serve] away from her and maybe if I can tie her at three-all, four-all, five-all, I have a chance on returning her serve.”

Bartoli said she’s been waiting for this match since the beginning of the tournament. We can’t wait.


Bartoli Sizes Up Serena