Bloomberg Likes a Winner (Bill Clinton)

I was just going over my notes from Michael Bloomberg’s appearance at the Clinton Global Initiative yesterday, where participated in a “debate” (everyone agreed more than debated) with Bill Clinton and two other panelists about climate change. The argument was supposed to focus on the tension between good environmental practice and good business practice.

In an attempt to foster a debate among four people who agreed, the moderator, Zeinab Badawi, tried for most of the event to introduce critical points of view not represented by people on the panel.

After about 45 minutes of that, Bill Clinton said, “I think will all respect, I think my opinions on the economy are entitled to at least as much respect as these naysayers that are in control now .”

Bloomberg jumped in at one point to tell the moderator, “Yeah, but remember, he got elected, they didn’t.”

UPDATE: The AP has more here.

Bloomberg Likes a Winner (Bill Clinton)