Cardinale wants Boxer nomination held until special prosecutor named

State Sen. Gerald Cardinale wants the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold up on the confirmation of Matthew Boxer as State Comptroller until a Special Prosecutor is named to review Rocco Riccio's acceptance of a $15,000 cash gift from Gov. Jon Corzine. Riccio is the brother-in-law of Corzine's ex-girlfriend, CWA President Carla Katz.

“I don’t like the idea of political operatives snooping through private tax records in the dead of night for political purposes,” said Cardinale, a Judiciary Committee member. “I like even less the idea that the administration, after forcing Mr. Riccio to resign his state job, turned around and helped him get another position. It may rise to illegal conduct.”

Cardinale also wants the special prosecutor to review: "the actions of senior staff, including Boxer, who are alleged to have offered Mr. Riccio a position at the Turnpike Authority in exchange for his resignation from a position he held at the Department of Human Services; What tax records Mr. Riccio accessed, Payments made to Mr. Riccio by the Governor and his personal business manager, Nancy Dunlap and; Whether or not any personnel actions were initiated against Mr. Riccio for his alleged improper accessing of individual tax returns and what the final outcome of those actions was." Cardinale wants Boxer nomination held until special prosecutor named