Deadbeat charges in rip-roaring race

Eighth district Democratic Assembly candidates Chris Fifis and Tracy Riley say that if Dawn Addiego wants to be an Assemblywoman, then she needs to pay attention to detail.

In the latest attack to come out of the tense District 8 legislative race, Fifis and Riley accused Freeholder and Assembly candidate Dawn Addiego of being a “deadbeat.”

Addiego, the candidates say, neglected to pay her fees to the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, which makes her ineligible to practice law. They also say she was late on a $3,776 property tax payment on her Evesham home.

“This is yet another instance of my opponent’s inability to pay attention to detail,” said Fifis in a statement. “If she cannot even get her basic professional affairs in order, how can she realistically expect to manage the workload of a state legislator?”

Burlington County Republican Party Executive Director Chris Russell responded that Addiego is not currently practicing law, and has already cut a check to the Lawyers Fund. As for the late tax payment, Russell said that Addiego used to pay taxes through her mortgage, but since 2004 has been paying them directly and occasionally misses a payment by a month or so due to “nothing more than oversight.” And Fifis, he said, should not throw stones.

“Its typical of their campaign's hypocrisy that Chris Fifis would have the nerve to make such an attack while knowing his very own Ponzio's Diner had a tax lien placed against it by the State of New Jersey for failure to pay more than $17,000 in taxes in 1998 and took more than six months to satisfy that lien,” said Russell.

"I became anowner of Ponzio's on Feb. 29th of 2000,"Fifis said for the record.

Deadbeat charges in rip-roaring race