Deborah Kolben Out at Voice; 11th Woman to Leave Since March (UPDATE)

Village Voice editor Tony Ortega has fired his number two, managing editor Deborah Kolben. Ms. Kolben, who started at the Voice last February mere days before then-editor David Blum was fired, is the eleventh woman to leave the newspaper since Mr. Ortega took over in March.

Here's the full list:

Deanna Martin, deputy copy chief (quit Tuesday)
Tricia Romano, reporter (reported to have quit last Friday; sources tell The Observer she was fired)
Keisha Franklin, associate listings editor (quit late last week)
Adamma Ince, deputy managing editor (quit last Thursday)
Maggie Shnayerson, spokeswoman (quit Sept. 12)
Laura Conaway, executive director (fired in August)
Mara Altman, reporter (fired in June)
Kristen Lombardi, reporter (fired in May)
Keach Hagey, media reporter (fired in May)
Emma Span, sports columnist (fired in March)

Ms. Kolben's departure leaves just one woman at the top of the masthead, film editor Allison Benedikt.

Other women still working at the Voice include reporters Lynn Yaeger, Chloé Hilliard, and Maria Luisa Tucker; photo editor Staci Schwartz; listings editors Angela Ashman, and Elisabeth Thompson; web editors Nina Lalli and Camille Dodero; and Mr. Ortega's assistant, Lori Payne.

UPDATE: Sources say associate listings editor Keisha Franklin gave notice last week, right after Ms. Ince did.

Deborah Kolben Out at Voice; 11th Woman to Leave Since March (UPDATE)