Dopp Talks for Three Hours, Turns Over Emails

Darren Dopp spoke to the Albany County District Attorney’s office for three hours today (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and turned over some private email communications he had with a reporter, according to his lawyer, Terrence Kindlon.

The emails had “no bearing” on the Troopergate scandal, said Kindlon, and were of a personal nature. The DA’s office, he said, had requested the electronic communications to see whether Dopp had coordinated with a reporter to submit a FOIL request that Dopp later used to get the state police to create records about Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s use of state aircraft.

The questions were “all basically follow-up questions,” said Kindlon. Dopp was not under oath because the DA’s office had not asked him to be.

Kindlon said that Dopp had also been prepared to speak with Inspector General Kristine Hamann’s office when the scandal first broke in July.

“He actually was contacted and agreed to be questioned but that was cancelled. They cancelled it before he ever got to it,” said Kindlon.

Dopp Talks for Three Hours, Turns Over Emails