Dopp’s Lawyer: Bruno’s is Like a Polar Bear

The lawyer for Eliot Spitzer's aide, Darren Dopp, said his client is cooperating fully with any and all “legitimately constituted” investigations into the Troopergate scandal.

"Darren Dopp has nothing to hide. He hasn’t done anything wrong. And he is answering any and all questions that are being asked of him by any legitimately constituted governmental authority," said Terrence Kindlon.

Does that include the Senate Ethics Committee?

"I haven’t decided yet whether that’s lawfully constituted yet or whether its’ just a political gag. If it’s just some public relations thing that Joe Bruno ginned up, we’re not going to do it. That would be stupid. And it’s a waist of our time and taxpayer money."

He added, "My vision of Joe Bruno, and it came to me yesterday, he looks like a polar bear on a little tiny piece of ice that’s melting rapidly as his power ebbs away."

Dopp’s Lawyer: Bruno’s is Like a Polar Bear