Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Dopp, Dinowitz

Eliot Spitzer’s plan to provide insurance to uninsured children in New York was rejected by Washington.

Did senators go easy on Kristine Hamann because she’s a woman?

Darren Dopp’s lawyer said investigators were more interested in Joe Bruno’s travel.

Steve Kornacki re-examines Fred Thompson’s version of history.

Michael Calderone has details of Rupert Murdoch’s visit to the Wall Street Journal.

In the comments section, Lead Dog criticizes public financing of campaigns.

The city’s Board of Elections spent $1.2 million on a mailing recently.

Michael Bloomberg stopped just short of ordering a hiring freeze for city agencies.

Hillary Clinton’s spokesman explains why she prefers talking about politics on shows like Letterman and The View rather than Sunday talk shows.

Is Chuck Hagel retiring?

Matt Stoller wonders if Democrats will face primary challenges from grassroots activists.

Channel 7 changed course and will air the names of September 11th victims.

Jeff Dinowitz opposes congestion pricing.

An Assemblyman in Putnam County wants the County Executive there to resign for proposing a 40 percent tax increase.

And pictured above is one of the pictures on the state Democratic Party's Flickr page.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Dopp, Dinowitz