Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Giuliani, J-Lo

Ben reports on Hillary Clinton’s campaign killing an unflattering story about them in GQ by threatening to without access to Bill Clinton on an unrelated story.

Niall Stanage reports from Columbia University, where Mahmoud Ahmadenijad’s presence created an atmosphere “somewhere between that of a political protest and a carnival.”

Sewell Chan live-blogged it.

Liz gets reactions to it from everyone.

Andrew Cuomo goes after FaceBook.

A Virginia congressman wants a hearing on that MoveOn.org ad that ran in the New York Times.

Here’s another calculator to help you find the presidential candidate closest to your views.

Using that calculator, a novice nurse and Jesuit volunteer got a 71 percent match with Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg will visit New Orleans, which is “nearly a required stop for presidential candidates,” according to the AP.

An old clip of Rudy Giuliani surfaces on a Fred Thompson blog in which he endorses Mario Cuomo because George Pataki wanted to cut taxes too much.

In the comments section, Freddie Meyerson thinks Kevin Parker was wrong about whether Noach Dear could be prevented from sitting on the bench as a judge.

Republicans in the state Senate will subpoena the acting head of the state police.

Chuck Schumer’s former communications director Risa Heller will make her debut on Inside City Hall tonight.

And pictured above is Jennifer Lopez, who will appear in the Bronx tomorrow with her husband and Adolfo Carrion.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Giuliani, J-Lo