Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Hamann, Dear

The Green Party has passed a resolution saying they’ll run their own presidential candidate.

Liz spots a provocative message on Michael Bloomberg’s web site.

Ben notices a link between Barack Obama and Howard Dean.

Glenn Thrush notes that another Hillary Clinton fund-raiser got in trouble.

Noach Dear got some bad news about his judicial race.

Eliot Spitzer signed a bill giving money to schools in Rochester.

The state Lobbying Commission says goodbye.

The city’s Campaign Finance Board fined nine people today, including Kendall Stewart for $11,067 and David Weprin for $4,325.

Haile Rivera makes his run for City Council official.

A New Jersey Assemblyman calls for indicted public officials there to resign.

Fred Thompson is leading Republicans in North Carolina.

And pictured above is State Inspector General Kristine Hamann, who testified in Albany today.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Hamann, Dear