Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Piazza, De La Soul

The federal government filed a lawsuit against Michael Bloomberg’s company for discriminating against pregnant women.

Bloomberg is doing some unrelated disaster planning.

Jo Piazza says if you might find your perfect match at Barack Obama‘s rally today, if you “want someone to read thepoliticker.com with and talk to about Eliot Spitzer’s fiscal policy late at night.”

Where’s Eliot Spitzer When We Need Him?” asks the Financial Post in a story about sub-prime mortgages.

Barack Obama is not popular with Hispanics in California.

Phil Anderson notes that Joe Bruno will have to play defense upstate and downstate in 2008.

Liz has more on Republicans trying to connect Spitzer’s driver license plan with 9/11.

Anthony Weiner wishes 50 Cent and Buju Banton sounded more like De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest.

Here’s a look at an interesting Rudy Giuliani supporter, Charles Hurth.

Yvette Clarke, who still hasn’t introduced a single piece of legislation, told the Politico, “I have not really concentrated that much on crafting legislation.”

The hedge fund John Edwards worked for foreclosed on sub-prime mortgage borrowers in Iowa.

NYS Senate Democrats have a new web site.

And pictured above is Karol Sheinin, who also attended the NRA dinner in Manhattan last night. Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Piazza, De La Soul