Elsewhere: Cuomo, Bloomberg, Aggarwala

Here’s a calculator to help you find your perfect presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s health care plan varies from her Democratic rivals’ most in terms of degree, not substance, says Ben.

John Edwards criticized Hillary’s plan.

MoveOn.org has an ad saying Rudy Giulani was “AWOL” on Iraq.

State prosecutors lost a case today that was initially filed by Eliot Spitzer when he was the Attorney General.

Andrew Cuomo teamed up with Michael Bloomberg to fight Vioxx in court.

Citizen Union endorsed Diana Johnson for surrogate court in Brooklyn.

Michael Bloomberg paid exactly $41 million for his new mansion.

The city’s director of long term planning, Rohit Aggarwala, answers questions from Aaron Naparstek.

Here’s more on Barack Obama’s economic speech this morning.

In the comments section, MLHenderson wants more details from Obama on his fiscal plan.

The Brennan Center wishes everyone a Happy Constitution Day.

Here’s a rundown of judicial candidates in Brooklyn.

Liza Sabater reminds everyone who is eligible to vote tomorrow.

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox calls George Bush cocky.

And above is an invite to a panel discussion about lobbying hosted by former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr., and featuring the city’s top lobbyist Suri Kasirer and good government activist Dick Dadey, among others.

Elsewhere: Cuomo, Bloomberg, Aggarwala