Elsewhere: Spitzer, Cuomo, Caputo

Mario Cuomo, writing on DMI’s blog, said, “Conservatives have done a good job of getting many Americans to believe every tax cut is good and every tax increase is bad no matter who the recipients are in either case.”

Ohio’s attorney general outdoes Eliot Spitzer and tells a reporter, "go f$#@! yourself."

The group Spitzer said should continue running the horse racing franchise in New York owes $1 million to the federal government.

Joe Bruno has major influence over approving Spitzer’s recommendations for that horse racing franchise.

In the comments section, FLY says the state comptroller should focus on leaks coming from Andrew Cuomo’s office.

Barack Obama’s support of Israel is questioned by Clinton supporter Alan Dershowitz.

Alex Beinstein interviews a pro-Israel Obama supporter (who also has high praise for Cory Booker).

General Petraeus responds to MoveOn.org.

Rudy Giuliani attacks Hillary Clinton over her remarks to Patraeus.

Some Norman Hsu-connected donors may give to Hillary Clinton after all.

New York magazine finds Ray Kelly partying at some swanky places the other night.

Michael Caputo takes a break from trashing Spitzer to educate us about Ukrainian politics.

Simcha Felder grades his colleagues.

A former reality show star was attacked in a hate crime.

Gawker hired Village Voice publicist Maggie Shnayerson.

And pictured above is a reminder that Alan Hevesi, who is now under investigation by Andrew Cuomo, was close to the Democratic establishment not that long ago. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Cuomo, Caputo