Elsewhere: Spitzer, Giuliani, Odato

The city launched a new Web site dealing with 9/11 health concerns.

A 9/11 memorial tour started in South Carolina today.

The LCA opposes any attempt to subpoena Jim Odato.

Spitzer told reporters today to “get real” when asked about the story saying he was meeting staffers personally in automobiles to avoid creating records that could be subpoenaed.

Spitzer will be speaking with the editor of the Economist next week.

In the comments section, raina wonders if Peter Vallone, Jr.’s fund-raising means state Senator George Onorato will retire.

Ben has a copy of Larry Craig’s legal paperwork in which he tries undoing that guilty plea.

Marc Ambinder, who made an appearance in City Hall today, wants to know which GOP candidates can “expand the map” as much as Rudy Giuliani.

In New Jersey, two Assembly members caught in a corruption probe resigned.

And pictured above is State Democratic Party co-chair David Pollak building the party one voter at a time. (Courtesy of the state party’s Flickr page.)

Elsewhere: Spitzer, Giuliani, Odato