Elsewhere: Spitzer, Murdoch, Lamont

Mark Green wrote on Huffington Post that “Seeing Rudy Giuliani fulminate against Hillary Clinton and Moveon for "character assassination" and "political venom" this week was like watching Larry Craig denounce homosexuality.”

Eliot Spitzer will be the keynote speaker at a conference on local government.

Liz wonders what changes to the Freedom of Information Laws are needed.

Dan Janison says the scandal involving payments made to Alan Hevesi's consultant, Hank Morris, is more serious than the charges that drove Hevesi from office.

In the comments section, huh thinks Angel Audiffred is really needed in his new job.

Elizabeth Edwards criticized the MoveOn.org ad.

Sandy Treadwell criticized Kirsten Gillibrand over the same ad.

Josh Silverstein thinks Steve Harrison has been “eerily silent,” since announcing he’ll challenge Vito Fossella.

Gary at Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens is glad Domenic Recchia is also getting into the race against Fossella.

Gregory Meeks has an updated invitation to his fund-raiser.

State Democratic Party Chair June O’Neill tells people on Facebook she’s “in Kansas for Association of State Democratic Chairs meeting and I haven't seen Dorothy or Toto!”

A New Jersey Assemblyman who resigned from office because of corruption allegations may get replaced on the ballot.

If only Ned Lamont was running against Joe Lieberman today.

A Rupert Murdoch critic flees the Wall Street Journal.

Kos gets angry at a Radar magazine writer.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg relaxing at a recent baseball game.

Elsewhere: Spitzer, Murdoch, Lamont