Exit the Steamroller, Enter the Crane

Eliot Spitzer met with Democratic Party leaders this afternoon at a restaurant on Queens Boulevard where, according to one attendee, a new metaphor for the governor was unveiled.

According to my source, the host of the luncheon, Democratic County Leader, Rep. Joe Crowley, introduced Spitzer “as the construction crane, as opposed to a steamroller.”

Which ties in nicely to the message Spitzer and Albany Democrats are pushing, which is that it’s time to get back to building (legislation) and away from the investigations into how Spitzer’s aides used state police to track Joe Bruno.

Apparently in high spirits, Spitzer also acknowledged another noteworthy guest: Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, who Spitzer said was the second best DA in the state, according to my source.

The first, I’m assuming, is in Albany.

Exit the Steamroller, Enter the Crane