Giuliani, Clinton have big leads in Feb. ’08 N.J. primary

Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani continue to be in a statistical dead heat for New Jersey’s fifteen electoral votes, with Giuliani leading 45%-44%, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released this morning. Clinton and Giuliani continue to hold huge leads in the February 5, 2008 presidential primaries.

On the Democratic side, Clinton leads Barack Obama by a 46%-15% margin, with 11% for Al Gore and 7% for John Edwards. In the GOP primary, Giuliani leads Fred Thompson, 45%-12%, with John McCain at 8% and Mitt Romney at 6%.

”It’s going to be hard for any other candidates to beat the two New Yorkers in the Garden State,” said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

President George W. Bush has an upside-down 27%-68% approval rating in New Jersey – just slightly better than his 21%-74% showing in a July Quinnipiac poll.

Giuliani is the only Republican who leads head-to-head general election matchups in New Jersey. Clinton beats McCain (46%-41%), Thompson (48%-36%), and Romney (52%-33%). While Giuliani has a nine-point lead over Obama (49%-40%), Obama leads the other GOP candidates: McCain (44%-41%), Thompson (49%-34%) and Romney (51%-31%). Edwards also runs ahead of every GOP candidate but Giuliani.

By a 56%-27% margin, New Jersey voters believe Giuliani makes decisions based on his principles rather than on what the voters think is best. Voters say that Clinton votes based on voter opinion rather than her principles by a 42%-41% margin.

“New Jersey voters say Sen. Hillary Clinton is more ‘political,’ while Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is more ‘principled.’ But Sen. Clinton has been gaining steadily on the Republican front-runner,” said Richards. Giuliani, Clinton have big leads in Feb. ’08 N.J. primary