Give Edwards a Chance

To the Editor:

“Edwards’ Controversial Spy Plan” [Sept. 17] belittled Mr. Edwards’ plan for a Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Organization to aid in the international fight against terrorism, yet didn’t describe his plan in meaningful depth.

Former C.I.A. agent Robert Baer, for example, commented that “It’s a pipe dream,” and said it couldn’t be implemented, but didn’t actually evaluate it. Nor did any of those quoted discuss other aspects of Mr. Edwards’ plan. The article and its sources were exceptionally superficial.

I question whether a former C.I.A. agent could adequately evaluate the plan, since the C.I.A. hasn’t tried it, and, for that matter, did rather badly itself when consulting George W. Bush on Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction before Bush rushed us to war.

I can’t say I am a supporter of Mr. Edwards’ plan, but I’m not a detractor of that plan, either. I believe The Observer hasn’t adequately reported the plan’s specifics.

Arthur Pierson
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Give Edwards a Chance