Going, Going, Gone!

Memo to Wilpons Re: 2008 Mets
By Howard Megdal

Fred: Changes are undoubtedly needed. But it’s vital here that you resist calls from fans for a mass execution.

Willie’s Future
By John Koblin
General Manager Omar Minaya praised Randolph to reporters yesterday afternoon, but stopped short of saying that the manager’s job was safe.

Thanks a Million, Metsies!
By Josh Benson
It’s easy, sitting in the stands, to ascribe motivation—or lack thereof—to underperforming athletes on the field. It must be said, though, that these 2007 Mets looked profoundly indifferent as they crashed and burned, surrendering the division title—and their playoff spot—to the Phillies.

Willie’s Still Waiting for a Sign
By John Koblin
After last night, we had to hit the “refresh” button on our interview with Mets coach Willie Randolph. How is that positive attitude holding up amid the Mets’ slow-motion collapse? Let’s go to the videotape …

New York Mess
By Howard Megdal
The Mets have to turn things around between Friday and Sunday. The rest, for them, depends on what happens elsewhere.

Recurring Nightmare
By Howard Megdal
Like Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day, Mets fans must feel as if they’re going through a series of suicides, from toaster-in-the-bathtub electrocution to a fiery death behind the wheel.

Gutsy Mr. Metsie
By John Koblin
Of What Indestructible Alloy Could Willie Randolph’s Innards Be Made? As His Team Stumbles Forward, the Mets Manager Merely Smiles: ‘It’s a Little Bit Stressful’’ He Says, ‘But I Kinda Like the Stress’

On Sunday, Sept. 23, Willie Randolph was standing alone in the visitors dugout on another unbearably muggy Miami morning—already 85 degrees, with 75 percent humidity. The New York beat reporters had just finished their 155th pregame briefing of the season in which, once again, they battered Randolph with questions about injuries and pitching problems.

Nine days earlier Randolph’s Mets were 6.5 games ahead of the Phillies. After a series of agonizing losses, the lead had withered away to 1.5 games.

Randolph, in his third year managing the Mets, was weathering the biggest crisis of his tenure.

“It’s nerve-wracking at times,” he told The Observer, the bags under his eyes more visible than ever. READ MORE

Going, Going, Gone!