Guarino upset about Sarlo ENCAP comments

In District 36, Republican State Senate candidate Mike Guarino is demanding an investigation into the issue that inspired him to run in the first place: ENCAP

Guarino and his Assembly running mates, Carmen Pio Costa and Don Diorio, seized on a statement State Sen. Paul Sarlo made over the weekend to accuse him of stymieing an investigation into the controversial and troubled Meadowlands mixed- use development that straddles Lyndhurst, Rutherford and North Arlington. Sarlo told The Bergen Record that there should be hearings on ENCAP, but not until after the upcoming election.

"Sen. Sarlo is afraid an investigation will show that he aided and abetted this boondoggle and he wants to keep voters from knowing the truth before they go to the polls on November 6," said Guarino. "It’s just outrageous that Sen. Codey and Sen. Sarlo are willing to engage in an orchestrated cover-up as part of a desperate attempt to hold on to political power."

But Sarlo spokesman Chris Eilert countered that if anyone should answer for damage to the Meadowlands, it’s Guarino.

“Sen. Sarlo has a record of delivering over $25 million in property tax relief and supporting some of the most stringent campaign finance reforms and some of the toughest environmental regulations in the country. Mike Guarino’s only record is as the person who sold out the Meadowlands by permitting landfills to be created in Lyndhurst and North Arlington when he was Bergen County Health Director.”

Guarino upset about Sarlo ENCAP comments