Healy will appeal his appeal

After losing the appeal of his disorderly conduct conviction in Monmouth County Superior Court today, Jersey City Mayor and “Cinderella Man” Jerramiah Healy said he’s going to take the battle to the next level.

“I’ve told the truth about this from day one,” said Healy, who was convicted in June and fined $256. Today, Judge Anthony Mellaci upheld that conviction.

“I did nothing wrong and I accept the court’s position. I totally disagreed with it as I did the trial court, and we’re going to appeal this,” said Healy.

Healy was arrested in June, 2006 after becoming involved in a lovers’ quarrel outside of his sister’s Bradley Beach bar. Healy insists that he was trying to play peacemaker between the two, but the responding police officers said that Healy became combative with them. Healy said the police officers’ story was “pure fiction,” and was made up to justify pushing him to the ground and spraying mace in both of his eyes.

Healy admitted that the process of the trial and appeal have been tiring, but says he won’t relent and will take the case to an appellate court outside of Monmouth County.

“It is (exhausting). But when you’re innocent and you go through the process, it’s not easy. You’ve just got to keep going,” said Healy. “As I said from day one, I’m going to use every avenue open to me under the justice system and that’s what I plan to do.”

But to Jersey City Councilman and rival Steve Fulop, Healy just doesn’t want to be held accountable.

“Typically not taking responsibility for his actions,” said Fulop, who thinks that the mayor wants the conviction overturned because he hopes to ascend to another prominent government position, like a judgeship. “You’ve got two judges telling the mayor you’re wrong and the guy keeps going.”

Healy will appeal his appeal