Henin’s Blitz

Before the last night's match, Justine Henin's coach Carlos Rodriguez said he wanted Henin pressuring Serena.

She did, and it worked: In the match, Henin converted 11 for 14 net chances.

“If I'm too far from my baseline, if I don't move forward, I have no chance to win this kind of match,” said Henin last night.

“[Serena] loves to have the control of the rallies,” said Henin. “She loves to be in the court. She doesn't like to be under pressure, especially on the forehand side…The key was to be really aggressive on the return. I think today she was feeling I was there on the return, and that was really important, too.”

When Henin beat Serena at the French Open this year no one gave Henin credit since that's her preferred surface (and Serena's least favorite). When Henin beat Serena at Wimbledon no one gave Henin credit because Serena had a leg injury and a hand injury. Last night, there wasn't much to say.

"There's nothing to say about my win today," said Henin. "I was playing good. She's at home. She expected a lot of things here. She had a lot of motivation, like I had. So that gives me a lot of satisfaction." 

  Henin’s Blitz