He’s No Fan of Israel

To the Editor:

In “The High Holy Days” [Editorial, Sept. 17], The Observer stated, “Americans have a deep and abiding connection to Israel, not least because it is the only democratic government in the entire Middle East.”

Not so. Most Americans that I speak to don’t feel this way about Israel. Increasingly, even Jewish Americans are ambivalent about Israel.

As for Israel being the only democracy in the entire Middle East, that has been accomplished at the price of subjugating millions of Palestinians.

Besides, I would urge you to consider the fact that most of the countries in the Middle East friendly to Israel (Jordan and Egypt, for example) themselves do not have democratic governments. These same countries also happen to be U.S. allies.

It seems to me, therefore, that Israel can afford the luxury of a democratic system at the price of the U.S. tolerating and even supporting autocratic governments in the region. For that, the citizens of those countries, and increasingly Americans too, have been paying the price.

Neil Fazel

He’s No Fan of Israel