Hey, What’s Wang With Us? Designer Admits Times; Shuns Nylon, Teen Vogue

The Transom was rudely rejected from up-and-coming design hotshot Alexander Wang’s show at Bumble & Bumble’s Meatpacking District salon this afternoon, despite the fact that we were on the list—and we weren’t the only ones.

This fiasco owed to a most unwelcome last-minute guest: the city’s Fire Marshal, who made it his business to ensure that the space’s capacity of 200 was in fact kept to—well, 200 (one wonders if this will be the case with the rest of the nine shows scheduled to take place at B&B?). Wang and Co. had clearly invited many more than that, and a tattooed publicist bemoaned the fact that their allotted 200 included both models and photographers, which left space for, like, no guests!

Amidst much stomping of feet at the door, a middle-aged brunette woman in jeans appeared. “Are you with the company?” she asked, tapping Tatttoos on the shoulder. “I’m Cathy Horyn from The Times.” The waters immediately parted, and Ms. Horyn was escorted through. A walkie-talkied man closer the door tried to block her way, but someone shrieked: “It’s Cathy Horyn from The Times!


Meanwhile, a towering platinum blonde ssued a directive to the army of publicists guarding the door: “You want her in there,” she said, motioning to a petite editor standing helplessly behind the rope. “She works for Harper’s Bazaar.” The waters parted again, though not for the tall blonde herself, nor emissaries from Nylon and Teen Vogue.

Hey, What’s Wang With Us? Designer Admits Times; Shuns Nylon, Teen Vogue