In This Week’s Observer…

Nobel Prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk buys a $1.8 million co-op on Riverside Drive.

Pritzker-winning architect Thom Mayne buys a SoHo loft for $2.67 million.

Donald Trump talks bullishly on building–and on why he'll never retire.

New numbers show the upper middle-class are leaving the city, right behind the regular middle-class.

Paramount Group will likely get $1 billion for 1177 Avenue of the Americas.

WPP continues its hunt for that elusive block of relatively cheap office space.

Columbia's expansion has torn one family business apart.

What would Jane Jacobs think of today's New York neighborhoods? A new exhibit has an idea.

Hip-hop's the cause of Stereo's run-ins with the law. Or maybe it's the cops themselves at the Chelsea club.

In This Week’s Observer…