In This Week’s Observer: Hillary, Bruno, Clark

Even before Hillary Clinton unveiled her new universal health care plan, her opponents were doing their best to tie it to her first, failed attempt, reports Jason Horowitz.

“I think she has probably got many accomplishments—taking money from lobbyists and working within the system,” Joe Trippi told him. “It’s unclear what she is talking about when she says she’s got all this experience.”

I get mixed reactions from political folks about whether Joe Bruno and Republicans are in danger of going too far in pursuing Eliot Spitzer. Pollster Steven Greenberg said, “Various sides in different disputes have been known to overplay their hands and that certainly could be something that happens. But we haven’t seen it yet.”

Candidates are learning to use bloggers as strategic news outlets rather than just an activist constituency, reports Michael Calderone.

David Lat writes about the logic behind nominating Michael Mukassey for U.S. Attorney General.

Steve Kornacki deconstructs the significance (or lack thereof) of Wesley Clark’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s health care plan has some roots in compassionate conservatism, writes Joe Conason.

Plans to expand Columbia University’s campus are pitting one family against itself, reports Matthew Schuerman

And Lizzy Ratners finds the New Yorkers who love driving in this city.

In This Week’s Observer: Hillary, Bruno, Clark