Jankovic Loses, and Smiles

Last night, Serena Williams spoke bitterly, and somewhat gracelessly, to the media after a devastating quarterfinals loss to Justine Henin. Tonight, Jelena Jankovic lost in the quarterfinals, and her public reaction couldn't have been more different. Here are some highlights:

"I think it's nice to be fair, to give credit to the opponent. When she hits a great shot, why not? Nothing wrong with smiling also on the court."

"I don't think you have to always be so serious like some of the players are. You have to enjoy it. So this is what I'm doing, having a lot of fun on the court."

"I cannot do anything when she hits an unbelievable serve. I cannot return it. So why not give her credit and say, ‘Well done, Venus.’"

"[People in the crowd] go like, Jelena, we love your smile. I'm like, But, yeah, it doesn't help me return her serve."

"I don't know why I'm doing [all those legs splits]. It's not on purpose. It's just my lousy movement or whatever I'm doing on court."

Right. Lousy movement. I can't wait for her to become a champion.


Jankovic Loses, and Smiles