Judges Sue Spitzer for Raises

Four judges are suing Eliot Spitzer to raise judicial salaries in New York, according to a law firm handling the case pro bono.

The suit filed in state Supreme Court is on behalf of New York City Family Court Judge Susan Larabee, New York City Criminal Court Judge Patricia Nunez, New York City Civil Court Judge Geoffrey Wright and Cattaraugus County Family Court Judge Michael Nenno.

Thomas Bezanson, a lawyer working on the case said in a public statement, “The state has failed to raise judges’ salaries for eight years even as inflation has raised the cost of living.” He added, “That violates Article 6, § 25 of the New York State Constitution, which states that judges’ compensation ‘shall not be diminished during the term of office for which he or she was elected or appointed.’”

The issue of judicial raises was tied up with legislative pay raises in Albany, which, somehow in this crazy year in Albany, didn’t come to fruition.

UPDATE: Spitzer spokeswoman Christine Anderson emailed to say, "Governor Spitzer fully supports a pay increase for judges, and has submitted legislation to provide that increase.  The Governor believes that any such increase should be provided through the legislative process, rather than through litigation."

Judges Sue Spitzer for Raises