Klein Passes the Colbert Test

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein was on the Colbert Report last night talking about the city’s plan to pay public school students for academic success. The controversial issue was put through the critical analysis that only Comedy Central can offer. You can watch the video over here.

Colbert: You can invest that money in nerds to do your term paper in eighth grade.

Klein: I have a better idea. You can actually, if you do well in seventh grade, you can actually do your own term papers in the eighth grade. That’s what this is all about.

Colbert: Mmm hmmm.

Klein: You’re not interested in that? No? But our kids will be.

Colbert: I think money is a labor-saving device for me.

Klein: It is, but for our kids, I’m trying to enable them to raise money when they get out of school.

And later, this exchange:

Colbert: I’m going to drive up the price right now. I will pay $600 a year for seventh graders to come to my house to smoke cigarettes and play violent video games. Will you match my offer? Will you match my offer, or don’t you care about New York’s kids, Joel Klein, if that is your name?

Klein: I’m willing to play this game. Just remember one thing. I got Michael Bloomberg on my side.


Klein Passes the Colbert Test