Krueger Frustrated with Spitzer

Democratic state Senator Liz Krueger aired some of her frustrations about fund-raising and Eliot Spitzer at a panel discussion in Manhattan yesterday, hosted by the Drum Major Institute. Her comments, according to DMI:


"I'm disappointed in the progress of the Spitzer administration's lack of progress on campaign finance reform. The loopholes in the state system are bigger than the system itself. Bundling is a reality even in the city system, I mean, who's kidding who?

I hate fundraising. I hate spending a huge percentage of my time begging strangers for money."

Progress on campaign finance reform, and other major legislative initiatives of Spitzer's, have been delayed since the investigations into the Troopergate incident picked up in July.

What's unusual about Krueger's remarks here, excerpted and posted on DMI's blog, is that she appears to blame Spitzer, and not Republicans in the state Senate, for the delay.

UPDATE: DMI revised their excerpts of Krueger's remarks, and puts them
in context of her complaints about Joe Bruno. Krueger Frustrated with Spitzer