L.L. Cool J. Helps Raise Temps at Y3. Plus: Steamy Rodarte!

Socialites, artsy celebrities—Vincent Gallo, Michel Gondry, photographer duo Inez and Vinoodh—and half the employees of Conde Nast turned out for the Rodarte show in Chelsea on Saturday. (Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfield was smoky-eyed as ever at three in the afternoon). The white loft lacked ventilation, and everyone in the room was fanning themselves with free Lexus brochures. The dresses were pastel and diaphanous, the eyeliner severe, and the shoes—oh, the shoes!

Mostly black or royal blue, treacherously high, covered with pointy spikes: It looked as though fighting dog collars had been wrapped around the models’ feet. Designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy received the loudest round of applause we’ve yet heard, and afterwards, bottlenecked at the top of a lone staircase, sweating profusely, mysteriously patient fashion editors chatted excitedly amongst themselves, heaping praise on the collection.

Meanwhile, a young blonde model squeezed through the throng. “There was no breathe,” she said meekly. “We were like…” (she panted and fanned herself with her hand, demonstrating what her English would not allow).

Much of the crowd then meandered a few doors down to Y-3, which was even more celeb-filled (LL Cool J, Samuel L. Jackson, Veronica Webb, Mena Suvari, two MisShapes) but also badly in need of a breeze. The show was staged outdoors, under the High Line, and the crowd was treated to a fake thunderstorm—complete with rain running down the brick walls behind industrial-chic bleachers—which did nothing to lower the temperature.
The Transom barely noticed the clothes, as we were too busy trying not to sweat—so we asked LL Cool J about them later on an opening at Mark Seliger’s 401 Projects in the West Village. “I thought the footwear was exceptional,” said Mr. Cool J. “There was one girl that had, like, some overalls with suspenders hanging down, with a bikini tank-top, and, like, a jacket and a bag—that outfit was great. There were a few outfits that were memorable. The clothing was O.K., for me, but I liked the footwear.”

We asked him to name the best song he’s ever recorded.

“Doin’ it,” he said. “Yeah, that’s my favorite. Doin’ it well.” And then he laughed.

L.L. Cool J. Helps Raise Temps at Y3. Plus: Steamy Rodarte!