Mildred Crump’s bad month

The Buddy Tyler Award for the dumbest politician of the week – and in New Jersey there is much competition for such a title – goes to Newark City Council President Mildred Crump. Yesterday, Crump complained to a Star-Ledger reporter that she felt dissed by the Devils because they didn’t give a free luxury box to the City Council. The boxes sell for $225,000 each.

"To me, the height of disrespect is the city of Newark has put into the project $210 million – which is the baseline – and the Devils have not given us a box,” said Crump. “They're dissing us at a level that's disrespectful."

Last week, Crump acknowledged that a Newark history coloring book the City Council spent $10,000 to produce was filled with typographical errors and bad information. Crump was especially embarrassed because she helped proof the coloring book.

And earlier this month, Crump’s Chief of Staff, Keith Reid, was arrested by FBI agents – accused of taking a bribe to deliver a city insurance contract. Crump denies any involvement, and indeed she has not been accused of any impropriety, but still, she’s having a bad month.

The week, of course, is not over.

Mildred Crump’s bad month