Murdoch Critic: He’ll Be ‘Force for Positive Change’ at Journal

Just days after Rupert Murdoch started hanging around the Wall Street Journal offices, the New York Post reported that assistant managing editor Tunku Varadarajan was leaving.

The Observer noted that the Murdoch-owned Post neglected to mention Mr. Varadarajan’s harsh criticism of the News Corp. chief while Mr. Varadarajan wrote for the editorial page. In addition to lashing out at Mr. Murdoch and his son James, Mr. Varadarajan had also taken The Post to task for their coverage of China.

At the time, Mr. Varadarajan was contacted by The Observer, and has now responded via email: “This is NOT—although people have jumped to the conclusion that it is—Murdoch-related.”

Mr. Varadarajan also wrote that he is excited to return to academia, and will be starting at NYU’s Stern School in mid-October. His last day at the Journal will be September 30th.

As for the impending Murdoch takeover?

“I'm inclined to believe that Rupert Murdoch will be a force for positive change and general non-pomposity at the Journal,” he wrote. Murdoch Critic: He’ll Be ‘Force for Positive Change’ at Journal