NJFOP and PFANJ endorsements

The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey (PFANJ) announced their legislative race endorsements earlier this week.

The groups backed incumbents in every competitive district. Most candidates picked were Democrats, except for Bill Baroni in district 14, Caroline Casagrande in district 14 and the entire incumbent Republican slate in district 39.

Fraternal Order of Police

1st district : Jeff Van Drew (D) for State Senate, Nelson Albano (D) and Matt Milam (D) for Assembly

2nd district: Jim Whelan (D) for State Senate, Joe Wilkins (D) and Blondell Spellman (D) for Assembly

8th district: Chris Fifis (D) and Tracy Riley (D) for Assembly. (No Senate endorsement)

12th district: Ellen Karcher (D) for State Senate, Mike Panter (D) and Caroline Casagrande (R) for Assembly.

14th district: Bill Baroni (R) for State Senate, Linda Greenstein (D) and Wayne DeAngelo (D) for Assembly

39th district: Gerald Cardinale (R) for State Senate, John Rooney (R) and Charlotte Vandervalk (R) for Assembly.

The PFANJ’s endorsements are not finalilized, but spokesman Peter Guzzo said they will be simliar to the FOP's. Except in district 12, where the group backed Amy Mallet (D) for Assembly instead of Caroline Casagrande (R). NJFOP and PFANJ endorsements