NYC’s Rising Young Political Stars: Kool Ha, Quiet Fire, Obi-Wan

Someone just handed me a copy of this month’s City Hall News, which features "40 Rising Stars Under 40" [link added].

Along with getting their picture on the front page, each person was asked to pick a nickname for themselves, providing, for those of us prepared to look for them, some intriguing hints into the mindset of this up-and-coming political class.

Anyway, here's the list:

Lisa Black-Feisty
Ruben Diaz, Jr.-The President
L. Joy Mitchell-Memo Queen
Jose Serrano-Marco
Haile Rivera-Mi Lider
Ross Wallenstein-Number One Rising Star Under 40
William Smith-Game
Ryan Toohey-Fritz
Tara Martin-Wonder Woman
Michael Rabinowitz-Mike
Kizzy Charles-Guzman-KCG
J.C. Polanco-Teach
John Collins-”John Collins-no one ever uses just my first or last name.”
Jason Weingartner-Gos
Errol Cockfield-Wordsmith
James Van Bramer-The Mets Fanatic
Eliyanna Kaiser-Boss Lady
Andres Ledesma-Bookworm
Vincent Ignizio-Vinny
Paul Thomas-Spartan
Chad Marlow-The Altruistic Advocate
Eric Gioia-Eric
Jarrod Bernstein-The Scrapper
Karol Sheinin-K
Lisa Hernandez Gioia-LHG
Patrick Jenkins-Obi-Wan
Roy Lancman-The Busy Bee
Joel Rivera-The Marathon Man
Ellie Jurado-Nieves-Quiet Fire
Bruce Lai-Mr. Organized
Michael Gianaris-G
Teri Coaxum-Rising to the Max
Hakeem Jeffries-Kool Ha
Jennifer James-Brooklyn Baron
Kate Ferranti-Balanced Spice
Alexandra Stanton-Shorty
Jose Peralta-Jazzy Jose
Dan Garodnick-DG
Karina Cabrera-No Excuses
Larry Park-Atticus


Your interpretations and insights, needless to say, are welcome.

NYC’s Rising Young  Political Stars: Kool Ha, Quiet Fire, Obi-Wan