Quinn Denounces ‘Hatemonger’ Ahmadinejad

The city's highest elected gay official, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, lashed out earlier today at Mahmoud Ahmadenijad's comments that there are no gay people in Iran.

At a press conference in City Hall, Quinn said, "He may wish there were no gay people in his country, he may be trying to make it that there are no gay people in his country, but he knows well that there are because he is engaged in a campaign of discrimination at the highest level by sentencing people to death who he believes are gay."

She added, "He is a hatemonger."

Quinn also said the school that hosted Ahmadenijad, Columbia University, should not lose public funding, as has been suggested by others.

Liz has more on Quinn's remarks here.

Quinn Denounces ‘Hatemonger’ Ahmadinejad