Reagan, Dear Leader

To the Editor:

Linda Hirshman makes it clear in her review of Todd Gitlin’s book The Bulldozer and the Big Tent [“The G.O.P. Exists to Rule While Dems Pale,” Sept. 10] that the Republicans are no longer a political party with a conservative but rational platform, but, rather, an evangelical, messianic movement dedicated to converting the world, or at least the U.S., to the True Faith.

All the apostles—uh, candidates—invoke Ronald Reagan, made all things to all men, to justify their own righteous agendas, and to imply that they were sent to fill His shoes.

While Mr. Gitlin is right that “journalists are not obliged to be a political opposition,” journalists who do happen to have progressive consciences owe it to the rest of us to use their common sense to expose what the right wing is up to. They, the Christo-fascists, will certainly enlist their own “journalists” in their cause.

George Winship
Cedar Grove, N.J.

Reagan, Dear Leader