Rothman urges N.J. Dems to back Obama

Barack Obama didn’t show up to the Democratic State Committee’s Annual Conference, but Rep. Steve Rothman was there to advocate for him.

Rothman, a Northeast Regional Co-chair for the Obama campaign, used his speech at the convention dinner to passionately stump for his candidate, taking a swipe at Hillary Clinton that drew a mixed reaction from the audience. After conveying Obama’s best wishes to the attendees, Rothman sought to counter the notion that the candidate was not experienced enough to be president.

“He served for 10 years in a legislature – seven years in the Illinois Senate and three in the U.S. Senate. More experience than a certain Senator from New York,” said Rothman, drawing scattered applause and a few boos and hisses from the audience. “When Senator Obama is sworn in as the next President, he will be older than Theodore Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and President Clinton were when they were sworn in as president.”

Rothman went on to say that Obama offered the clearest alternative to the Republican Party.

“Yes, the American people are sick of George W. Bush and they’re sick of Republicans, but they will elect a Republican president if they don’t like the Democratic nominee, or if they don’t believe that the Democratic nominee is a true agent for change.”

After the speech, Democratic State Chairman Joe Cryan joked: “You guys all know where Steve stands on the Presidential race? I want to make sure you all got it.”

Rothman urges N.J. Dems to back Obama